Visible Vapors Vaping 101 - Intro to Vaping

A vaporizer (or vape for short) consists of two main parts: a mod and an atomizer. A mod consists of (at least) a battery with a switch and a connector on top which is where the atomizer connects. An atomizer consists of (at least) a coil of wire which heats the eLiquid and creates vapor, and a wick to get the eLiquid to the coil. Atomizers come in different styles: tanks which have a tank that holds eLiquid, and drippers which require dripping eLiquid into frequently.

We offer a low cost starter setup for $20 + tax. This consists of a simple mod with USB charging cable and a small glass tank atomizer.

This can be a lot to take in. Feel free to stop in and we will answer any questions you have.